Keep and Create Jobs

A small business owner and community leader, Shane Wilkin knows keeping and creating jobs begins right here at home, by bringing jobs back to Ohio and creating new jobs in our community. He has helped bring more than 400 jobs and $45 million in new capital investment to our area. Wilkin has the experience we need to cut job-killing red tape and regulations and bring jobs back home.

No Common Core

Shane and his wife Kristy are proud graduates of our local schools and it’s where they are sending their children today. Wilkin opposes Common Core and supports local control of education. We can trust Wilkin to cut government regulations and testing so our teachers can teach and students can learn.

Fiscal Responsibility

Shane Wilkin knows families work hard to make ends meet and balance their budgets. He believes government should be no different. As a county commissioner, Shane Wilkin put his private sector experience to work, cutting spending and reducing county debt.

Stopping Illegal Drugs

Ohio is facing a drug epidemic. Shane Wilkin will work with law enforcement and treatment professionals to develop comprehensive solutions to solve Ohio’s drug epidemic. He supports more treatment options and tougher penalties for drug dealers. Wilkin also believes we must secure our borders to stop the flow of illegal drugs.

Protecting Life

The Wilkins are raising their children to cherish life, God’s most precious gift. Wilkin will always take a stand to protect the unborn and will oppose all efforts to use tax dollars to fund abortions.

Defending Our Freedoms

Our freedoms are under attack like never before. A proud member of the National Rifle Association and avid outdoorsman, Shane Wilkin respects our Constitution and will defend our rights 100 percent of the time.